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Automated Industrial Drones for Aggregates

Kespry is the only aerial intelligence solution that takes you from information capture on your aggregates site to finished data and insights you can use in the office. The system is designed to make it easy for anyone in your team to use. The Kespry Drone flies autonomously. There are no joysticks or piloting skills needed. Both data transfer and processing are automatic. Using your data in the online Kespry Cloud is simple. And you have powerful reporting to guide better decision-making and efficiency.

The best part? There are no usage costs beyond your flat-rate subscription, so you can fly as often as want. Predictable costs, unlimited data capture and more accurate information on which to run your business. That’s the power of Kespry.

Drones for Inventory Management

Discover how drone assisted inventory management helps organizations:

  • Increase revenue: maximize P&L performance with more accurate and timely inventory data
  • Save time: reduce effort and costs wasted on unifying multiple inventory formats with standardized aerial data
  • Lower costs: improve the efficiency of business and operations planning with timely inventory data 

Increase profitability

Companies using Kespry drone solutions are realizing better inventory management and data reliability, which increases profitability.

Download this resource to learn three ways drones are making mining and aggregates companies more profitable:

  1. Strengthen inventory data accuracy & reliability
  2. Increase frequency of data collection
  3. Improve worker safety

Drones in Mining Q&A

Hear from experts from across the mining industry as they discuss how aerial intelligence is being used to improve their planning and operations.

Drone data is being used by leading mining companies all over the world to save time and money, while increasing safety. From waste rock material management to mine planning, companies are seeing a strong ROI.

In this webinar recording, the most popular use cases for the following industries will be discussed: Aggregates, Coal, Frac Sand, Gold and Iron Ore.

A single source of truth for your work site data

The Kespry Cloud is a single point of access to manage and track materials across several sites. In just a few hours you have survey-grade aerial topographic data to accurately define volumes for stockpiles, blasting, stripping and other mine operations. Once your data is securely in the Kespry Cloud, anyone in your company can use the data to calculate volumes, manage materials, create inventory reports, and validate or update mine engineering design plans.

Standardized inventory data - auditor approved

Instead of spending days walking piles, coordinating with third-party surveyors, or paying thousands of dollars for a manned aerial flyover, you can fly a large site with Kespry in minutes and have stockpile measurements the same day.

More importantly, you have accuracy you can trust in a system that always gets the job done. You avoid having to write down thousands in losses and the pain of reconciling end of quarter discrepancies.

  • Plant managers can export the volume, density, and tonnage directly to ERP systems or Excel.

  • Team members can generate an automated stockpile inventory management report for auditors that includes the volume material type, density, tonnage, and other tracking notes for every stockpile.

  • Mine planners confidently layout blasting patterns and quantify stripping operations in a single flight.

  • Mine worker safety is increased by evaluating onsite conditions of blast areas, benches and haul roads using high-resolution imagery with accuracies down to .5 cm per pixel.

This is a tool that as a global aggregates business, we definitely see as scalable and applicable in many countries and regions. It allows us to harmonize and standardize on practices and processes worldwide.

Neil Wells
Head of Land and Minerals,

Accurate base maps for mine planning and reclamation

Planning for active quarrying requires accurate data during the conceptual study phase. Calculations based on inaccurate data from multiple sources can often lead to a project that never happens. The Kespry system is a single data source for all teams during mine planning and is used as an accurate baseline for the project.

  • Mine planners and geologists accurately estimate the levels of reserve with a 1-3% accuracy of true volume.

  • Engineers and planners rely on the data for pit design, calculation of haul roads and evaluation of slope stability within pre-existing quarry benches.

  • Aggregate companies are empowered to quickly share high-resolution imagery and topographic maps with federal and state regulators with design plan overlays - ensuring a much smoother application process.

  • All data is exportable in a variety of file formats for 3rd party software such as AGTEK, Civil 3D, and Carlson commonly used for design, modelling and GIS. 

What Kespry customers are saying

Kespry technology allows me on a weekly or even daily basis to get very accurate stockpile measurements of all the different sized aggregate products I have available.

James Veakins
Quarry Manager,
Hanson UK

The Kespry Cloud, fueled by efficient, repeatable Kespry UAV flights, allows us to quickly collect site information, process it, and deliver results to our customers.

Mark Power
Survey Team Leader,