Harness the Value of Complex, Industrial Imagery and Video Data with Kespry Perception Analytics

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Throughout the industrial world, companies require regular inspections of key assets to maximize health and performance across their operations. Visual sensors including cameras, drones and thermal guns provide critical insights into asset conditions and efficiency.

However, reliability and maintenance teams waste valuable time organizing and searching through inaccessible, unaggregated and difficult-to-parse visual sensor data located across multiple users and systems. This makes it difficult to proactively detect issues such as leaks and corrosion, leading to a chain reaction: response teams become reactive to work orders based on limited data, causing costly shut-down procedures to further investigate speculated issues.

In this guide, see how Kespry Perception Analytics solves one of the most significant, yet demanding problems in the industrial world today: proactively and efficiently analyzing key insights from terabytes of visual data captured daily; and correlating the requisite operational data to identify and resolve issues.