How Ports Can Harness the Value of Visual Data with Kespry Perception Analytics

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Like large industrial companies, Ports have a host of assets that they need to regularly maintain, including dock components, cranes, tank farms, and infrastructure such as roads, bridges and ladders. In order to inspect these assets, members of their engineering, maintenance and tenant services teams collect visual data on a daily basis. However, once that data is collected, there is no good way to store and organize it.

Kespry Perception Analytics is perfectly positioned to help Ports become much more advanced in this process, enabling operations teams to better organize the visual data they collect, track trends over time, and tie visual data to specific assets in specific locations.

In this guide, see how Kespry Perception Analytics solves one of the most significant, yet demanding problems Ports face today: proactively and efficiently analyzing key insights from terabytes of visual data captured daily; and correlating the requisite operational data to identify and resolve issues.