The platform

The most complete, reliable, and accurate industrial drone platform available. Kespry is designed from the ground up to solve your most challenging business problems and scale across teams with limited industrial drone expertise.

Kespry workflow and system

One simple solution

It’s what we leave out that makes the Kespry solution special. There are no joysticks, so you don’t need piloting skills. There are no SD Cards for you to fumble with or risk losing. There are no complicated data conversion applications for post processing that you have to battle with.

What Kespry adds instead is automation and seamless integrations that simplify your experience.

You create a mission with the supplied iPad and the touch of your finger. The Kespry Industrial Drone calculates the flight path and flies autonomously, using LiDAR sensors to avoid obstacles. The Kespry system manages the transfer and processing of data wirelessly within the platform. The Kespry Cloud makes high resolution photogrammetry and executive reporting available to you and your team in minutes.

One simple, automated solution from field to finished data.

Built with focus on industrial applications

The Kespry system was built for industry from the beginning back in early 2013. The Kespry lidar drone is equipped with obstacle avoidance sensors and a lightweight high-performance airframe. It includes high quality dual frequency GNSS receivers designed to eliminate multipath errors and mitigate electronic interferences common in industrial settings. At the same time, the Kespry Cloud has been built to automatically consume, process and filter sub-centimeter resolution geotagged aerial photos and raw GNSS files to produce survey-grade maps, data, and jobsite insights.

Unlike solutions originally designed for consumers, the infrastructure Kespry is built on makes it easy to avoid time wasted on technical integration issues. With Kespry, you can scale across hundreds of work sites with no additional resources or training required.

Unlimited flights, unlimited storage

A single flight of high resolution data capture can mean many gigabytes of aerial data that can result in significant data storage costs for your business. Fly with Kespry, and that’s not a problem. The Kespry subscription model includes all running costs in one flat price. You can fly and capture data as often as you like knowing you have unlimited data storage in the Kespry Cloud. Even better, all data is backed up after upload and has built in redundancy. In short, the more you fly with Kespry, the better your data accuracy becomes and the more value you’ll see from your subscription.

Make your business more intelligent each day

Quality data captured regularly at no extra cost gives Kespry customers easy access to valuable insight on which to run their organizations. It means they can advance the analysis and business intelligence that drives their competitive advantage. Kespry is committed to revealing more value in that data and has a number of machine learning and artificial intelligence programs in development that are reducing the costs associated with fraud, advancing work site logistics efficiencies, increasing employee safety and improving customer experiences.

If you’d like to know more about Kespry machine learning and artificial intelligence programs, please contact us.