The platform

The most complete, reliable, and accurate UAV system available. Kespry drone applications are designed from the ground up to solve your most challenging business problems and scale across teams with limited drone data collection expertise.

Drone applications designed for the way you work

A complete system that helps you capture and use business critical information more effectively. All Kespry drone applications are designed from the ground up to support the way you already work. Workflows are simplified, accuracy is improved, and productivity is increased.


Purpose built algorithms automatically generate volumetric and tonnage information for user defined stockpiles and pit excavations. The Kespry Cloud generates customized inventory reports displaying material type, SKU values, densities, volume, and mass for all materials across multiple sites.

Users have the freedom to stay within their on-site coordinate systems and use Kespry’s survey-grade data to update existing mine plans. The overlay toolset allows customers to import mine plans and other cadastral data. The combination of imported mine plans and same day drone data collection allows customers to identify and calculate blasting patterns, stripping areas, and future operational areas.

Other Kespry Cloud tools allow customers to inspect high walls, measure and evaluate haul road widths, conditions, and profiles from the safety and comfort of the office.


The Construction industry uses Kespry’s survey-grade flight data daily for earthwork quantity calculations and surface data analysis. The Kespry Cloud retains the customer’s preference of coordinate systems allowing easy integration into existing takeoff, design, and modeling softwares for comprehensive RFP’s or pre-construction surveys.

Quick earthwork quantity verification checks are available using the surface analysis toolset. Customers simply click around the area for calculation and Kespry automatically calculates volumes, surface area, and tonnage for sub excavations, cuts, fills, stockpiles, and other phases of the project.

The Kespry overlay toolset allows customers to visualize and analyze surface conditions. Users can directly import civil engineering plans or other cadastral data sets to compare recent flight data to actual design. Elevation changes are shown with automatically generated contours and a color map for each flight. At any time, you can create customized reports showing locations of cut and fill areas corresponding to a complete topographic map.

Insurance / Roofing

The Kespry solution streamlines the roof inspection and claims settlement process. Complete inspections with on-site access to rooftop imagery can be completed in less than 10 minutes. 1mm per pixel resolution allows for easy identification and assessment of damage.

The Kespry Cloud takes advantage of specialized machine learning to generate comprehensive roof models and inspection-quality images from flight data. Adjusters have access to automatic calculations of all roof dimensions and wireframes for surface area, perimeter, roof pitch, and more. Automated hail damage detection and precise measurement tools allow your team to quickly determine the extent of damage and related replacement costs.

Once your data is in the Kespry Cloud, you can generate detailed roof reports instantly. Better still, you can seamlessly move your data into common estimate generation software and claims management systems to complete the claims process.