Roof and Parking Lot Maintenance and Monitoring

Kespry Perception Analytics enables retailers to reduce maintenance costs and reduce liabilities through frequent and comprehensive facility assessments for energy efficiency, rooftop inventories, and parking lot readiness.



Roof Condition Assessment

Improve how facility and maintenance teams monitor the condition of commercial roofs with visual sensor data:

  • Reduce in-field staff time dedicated to performing multiple manual inspections that typically require a complex equipment and costly resources
  • Engineers use auto-detected damage data from visual sensors found on HVAC equipment, PVC, SPF roofing materials, solar systems, and other accessories to accurately mitigate and design repairs
  • Maintenance teams increase workflow efficiency and lower costs with more accurate repair plans based on high-resolution visual sensor data

Striping and Pavement Maintenance

Constant streams of visual sensor data in parking lots ensure hazards are automatically identified, and maintenance is performed before accidents occur

  • Reduce re-striping and paving costs by optimizing paving and construction crews to correct identified areas of interest rather than jobs for entire lots
  • Reduce liabilities with automatic alerts of auto-detected curb and pothole damage using visual sensor data
  • Improve preventative maintenance workflows of parking lot areas with easy access to single database records showing current and changing conditions

Energy Efficiency Monitoring

Purpose-built computer vision models transform visual sensor data into interactive heat maps showing changes in heat signatures on roofs and energy-producing equipment such as HVAC, skylights, and solar cells

  • Maintenance and facility teams better monitor and repair heat-sensitive rooftop equipment or accessories, maximizing inspection cycles throughout all locations
  • Combine radiometric thermal data collected with drones or other sensors with visual sensor data to enhance the accuracy of current conditions of assets
  • Engineering teams maximize building energy efficiencies with accurate assessments of heat consumption and losses

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