Asset Monitoring and Maintenance

Kespry Perception Analytics provides maintenance and operations teams with an intuitive user interface to quickly assess the health and status of assets on demand. Results can be delivered via broad queries or filtered down to display the location, condition and performance for a specific asset or groups of assets across the entire business.



Leak Detection

Increase responsiveness with automatically-detected and located leaks for pipes, tanks and boilers:

  • Search a single database for all visual sensor data organized by location, time and asset
  • Receive automatic alerts on auto-detected gas and liquid leaks, and improve response times
  • Increase effectiveness of maintenance teams by directing them to areas of impact

Equipment Condition Monitoring

Frequently monitor the performance and health of heavy machinery, tanks, pipes, and more with geospatially-located and tagged visual sensor data

  • Combine contextual sensor data such as thermal imaging, ultrasound and optical gas imaging (OGI) in a single database to track asset conditions
  • Leverage purpose-built insight packages that perform computer vision modelling on assets to identify leaks, corrosion, tank pooling, valve issues, and more
  • Reduce overheating, vibrations and catastrophic failures with automatic alerts when user input thresholds are breached

Corrosion Prevention

Transform maintenance workflows from reactive to proactive by quickly accessing and investigating structural, insulation and surficial corrosion issues detected in visual sensor data:

  • Leverage a single database to quickly locate and review maintenance records and auto-detected corrosion issues on pipes, tanks, and heavy machinery
  • Improve accuracy of corrosion detection with customized AI and ML algorithms to identify corrosion down to individual valves or bolts
  • Reduce inspections and send response teams directly to identified issues to avoid lengthy shut down periods on active operations



With Kespry, we can knock out an average inspection in about 15 minutes. With the drone, I have the data right there. I can look at it on-site and make decisions on the spot. Our policyholders and contractors trust the data and find it accurate. It makes us feel like we’re doing our job and getting policyholders taken care of.



Using Kespry helps us make informed decisions, gives us more control and increases efficiency. With Kespry, we’re able to sit in front of stakeholders, run through the numbers, show them how calculations were done, and identify any possible issues. Kespry has improved trust in the data.

Chris Pike

Performance Manager

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