The Kespry Perception Analytics Workflow

Perception Analytics

Increase the value of your video and photo data captured daily from satellites, submersibles, rover-based and fixed cameras, and drones.

Analyze data faster with intuitive search and map-based results and improve forecasting and preventive maintenance schedules.

Consolidate visual data into a single database and reduce managing multiple sources.

Kespry Perception Analytics

Kespry Perception Analytics

Single Database Resource

Work in an intuitive environment to quickly identify equipment, issues and locations based on their geospatial context, historical information and entity of interest.

Monitor Conditions, Parameters and Thresholds

Empower teams to quickly identify and correct detected issues before costly repairs or disasters occur.

Infer and Predict Insights and Relationships

Combine existing contextual data and business intelligence with enriched visual sensor data to better predict maintenance patterns of critical operational assets.

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