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Autonomous Transportation Will Arrive Faster Than Predicted And Afford Bigger Business Opportunities

Rather than a plethora of new hardware, the emphasis will be on development of software, which will make up half of the systems on vehicles versus 30 percent today. Here names like QNX, Nvidia, Intel, Google, and Kespry stand out.

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Taking to the skies – using drones in the insurance industry

Farmers Insurance use Kespry's services for roof inspections and other claims activities. They offer cloud services for data storage and analysis as well as drone inspections.

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Roofing Company in the South Finds Success With Kespry Drone Inspections

“Roofing analysis can be done better. We can do it better, and Kespry makes that a reality,” says Chad Conley, executive vice president of Complete Roofing. “After our customers experience our process, they go ‘Wow. I had no idea there’s a company that can do that.’”

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5 Critical Drone Takeaways for Insurers From 2017’s Hurricane Season

After examining 2017 storm-related drone data and interviewing insurance employees, we concluded there are five critical drone takwaways and best practices insurance companies need to keep in mind going forward as they consider their responses to future catastrophes.

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How Kespry Drones and Deere are Simplifying Accurate Construction Progress Monitoring

John Deere dealers are helping earthmovers improve project delivery and profits with Kespry’s industrial drones and new software capabilities.

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Drone photogrammetry test: Are automated 3D roof measurements accurate enough?

Experienced field surveyors independently measured 13 roofs using traditional survey methods, while independent pilots flew autonomous Kespry UAVs over these roofs to capture images and generate 3D models.

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Drone trends to watch in 2018: Big data, flying taxis, and home security

Kespry provides an aerial intelligence platform integrated with cloud storage to streamline insurance claims and help analysts better grasp the scope of a disaster. 

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Catastrophe event? Where’s the company drone?

Kespry says drones “dramatically decrease claim cycle times,” allowing insurers to settle three times as many claims per day while reducing overall costs. Kespry technology is used in a number of different types of damage claims, including farm damage after storms.

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How tech tackled the construction industry’s inefficiency in 2017

Drones have emerged as key tools in the construction industry, serving to automate, capture, and process imagery from sites using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Menlo Park-based industrial drone company Kespry raised $33 million last month from notable names such as Cisco Investments, Shell Technology Ventures, and Lightspeed Venture Partners.

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Deals That Matter: Kespry

Shell Technology Ventures, ABB Ventures and Cisco Ventures joined G2VP in a $33 million Series C funding round for Kespry.

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