Earthworks tools for planning, bidding, and project management

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Improving Operational Efficiency for Construction, Aggregates and Mining

Kespry delivers a complete solution for earthworks project aerial intelligence - from capturing data via an autonomous drone to deep analytics specifically designed for earthworks projects.

Kespry for earthworks enables project owners and contractors to:

  • Produce grading plans faster and with more accuracy

  • Reduce the cost of earthworks project bids and increase win rate

  • Deliver more efficient and safer project operations

These capabilities include a full range of earthworks specific tools and are outlined in detail below.

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Earthwork Analysis Tools

Surface Comparison

As the project begins, daily surface changes can be measured and calculated. The changes are displayed using red for cut, and blue for fill. Net cut and fill volumes are displayed for the entire site or for individual areas.

Base Plane Visualization

Volumetric measurements of excavated, filled, or stockpiled areas are calculated by defining regions with the volume tool. Verification of how the region has calculated the base surface and material outline is visible in the 3D space.

Cut and Fill Report

Customized reports can be created for selected regions displaying cut and fill quantity changes between the two surfaces. Reports can be shared directly to project team members or externally to clients in CSV or PDF files.

  • Estimators and surveyors are able to bid more accurately in a fraction of the time with on-demand drone flights to capture data.

  • Project managers can quickly assess earthwork operations and optimize grade management - reducing rework and earthmoving costs.

  • Mine planners can increase frequency of measurements of un-excavated, and stockpiled materials.

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With Kespry we save time and provide more topos more often. The 3D models and earthwork tools It allows both our managers and engineers to see the job, see how they we are doing the job, and see how to manage how we are moving the dirt. They see the 3D models. It’s a big management tool. Kespry fixes the disconnect between the office and field

Gino DiGiacomo
Survey Manager,
Fred Smith Construction

Design Tools

Vectorized PDF overlay

Import existing plans directly into the Kespry Cloud for analysis in the context of data captured via drone flights. Using the overlay feature, customers are able to verify progress and completion of project phases on an as needed basis.

3D Polyline

Determine the % slope, elevation change, and distance between points. The tool allows you to create an interactive polyline where you can evaluate grade changes throughout the entire length.

Scan Elevation

Determine the X, Y, and Z coordinates of any location when placing a cursor over the dataset. Combined with PDF overlays, companies are able to use this analysis to quickly spot check elevations compared to design plans.

  • Planners and designers can develop and update grading and mining plans more frequently resulting in an increase in project efficiency.

  • Site surveyors and project managers are able to quickly verify how projects are tracking to civil construction plans or reserve models.

  • Mine planners are able to quickly determine existing grades to support development of haul roads and pit operations.

Download Earthworks Management Whitepaper