Customer Profile: Mike Moy at Lehigh Hanson

“My advice? Learn as much as you can about everything.”

– Mike Moy, Lehigh Hanson

After graduating with an Accounting degree from California State University-Hayward, Mike Moy joined Lehigh Hanson in Sunol, CA, one of the largest construction materials companies in North America, with more than 500 active operations across the U.S. and Canada.

Over the past 18 years, Mike has been a critical asset to Lehigh Hanson, fulfilling a range of diverse roles and responsibilities including payroll, accounts payable, running the truck scale, and inventory management. Mike’s advice for anyone looking to be successful and valuable to the aggregates industry: learn as much as you can about everything.

Mike is the first at Lehigh Hanson to pioneer a Kespry drone for the company to evaluate instituting a broader drone program. In this position, Mike is helping Lehigh Hanson consider new ways of working, like for stockpile measurement…


In his most recent role in aggregate asset management, Mike was closely involved in measuring hundreds of stockpiles. Previously, a laser measuring company would come to Lehigh Hanson on a quarterly basis to measure the same stockpiles. It would take a full day to complete one quarry, as the laser tech would need to take measurements from all sides of each pile. The report would be sent to Mike a week later, all incurring significant third-party costs.


Now, through Mike’s use of the Kespry automated drone system, Lehigh Hanson has a new workflow. Mike takes the drone to their quarries and can fly an entire site in a couple hours. Once the site has been flown, the aerial data is automatically uploaded to the Kespry Cloud. Mike then goes online and draws polygons around the stockpiles. After making a few clicks, the perimeter, area, volume, and cut and fill sizes for each stockpile are instantly shown.

“With the drone we can get a cost efficient and accurate measurement of our stockpiles every month, versus the quarterly measurements we were getting before.”– Mike Moy, Lehigh Hanson

In addition to measuring stockpiles, Mike next plans to use the Kespry drone system for mine planning and reclamation projects.

Mike is the kind of customer that Kespry loves to work with! He regularly provides feedback on drone flights, where improvements can be made, and the problems he’s trying to solve with the Kespry Cloud reporting.

Many thanks to Mike Moy and Lehigh Hanson for their support!

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