Customer Profile: Bob Yaremko at Peckham Industries

Starting in their construction division, Bob Yaremko has been with Peckham Industries for over 32 years. Today, he’s the Assistant Vice President at their headquarters in White Plains, New York. A family owned business for more than 90 years, Peckham Industries offers a range of materials produced in their hot mix asphalt plants, stone quarries, bulk asphalt terminals, ready mixed concrete and liquid plants.

Bob has stayed with Peckham Industries for so many years because the company, led by John Peckham, the CEO, has always encouraged his team to suggest improvements for making the plants and the company more efficient. Bob believes this makes for a dynamic environment and a company-wide focus on constant improvement that’s ready to incorporate the newest technology. So it’s not only the ideal place for an engineering graduate of Manhattan College that loves building things like Bob, but also a great fit for the Kespry Aerial Intelligence Drone System.

Peckham Industries uses the Kespry system mostly for stockpile measurement. Before they discovered Kespry, surveys were done once a year at a handful of locations. Today, they can measure stockpiles whenever they’d like and as often as they’d like. Kespry allows plant managers and senior management to have a much more accurate and reliable understanding of inventory. As Bob explains, their Plant Managers are also constantly finding new uses for their Kespry system, such as being better informed about equipment layout on their properties.

Like every customer, Bob is partnered with a dedicated Kespry account team. Together, they make sure that everyone at Peckham Industries is able to get the maximum value out of their Kespry system. Relationships like this are a key part of Kespry's product development approach. When the Peckham Industries team highlight needs and have suggestions, the Kespry team is able to use these to drive continuous improvements to the Kespry system that benefits all customers.

The team has a great partnership and Kespry is excited to be working with innovative companies like Peckham Industries.