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Fred Smith Construction Transforms Earthworks Surveying with Kespry

Lauren LeRoy  / 

Tags: Construction, Earthworks, Surveying, Civil Construction

An Interview with Gino DiGiacomo, Survey Manager, Fred Smith Construction Fred Smith Construction Company is one of the largest civil construction companies in North Carolina... Read More

Drones in Civil Construction - Today and Tomorrow

Jay Mulakala  / 

Tags: Civil Construction, General Engineering, Earthworks, Drones For Construction

Today, drones are being used across a wide variety of industries including agriculture, real estate, inspections, mining, and construction. These drones are on the cutting... Read More

Realizing construction's digital future using industrial drones and artificial intelligence

Jitender Aswani  / 

Tags: Digital Worksite, Earthworks, Industrial Drones, Construction, Aec, Ai

Construction is the bedrock for prosperous societies around the world. It will continue being one of the most dynamic industrial sectors over the next 1... Read More

Expanding construction and engineering use cases with purpose-built Earthworks Tools

Jason Nichols  / 

Tags: Earthworks, Construction, Planning, Bidding, Grade Management

Meeting schedules, staying on budget, and following design plans are the core principles for companies performing earthwork operations. Having a balance between these three responsibilities... Read More

The 6 Biggest Uses of Drone Data in Construction

Kespry Team  / 

Tags: Construction, Earthworks

Construction companies are using drone data in so many interesting ways. From the pre-construction survey to the as-built survey, here’s a look at the six... Read More