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5 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Drone for Mapping

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Tags: Enterprise, Mapping

Buying a drone for a new mapping program at the enterprise level can be confusing.  With all of the options available – consumer, prosumer, and... Read More

5 Steps to Getting Started with an Enterprise Drone Program

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Tags: Enterprise, Construction, Insurance, Aggregates, Mining

Drones are making an appearance at industry conferences around the world, and enterprises everywhere are using the technology to increase their bottom line and get... Read More

How Enterprise Adoption is Changing the Drone Industry

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Tags: Kespry Cloud, Enterprise

Large enterprises are adopting drone technology at an incredible pace and the drone industry is adapting to meet their needs.  As businesses around the globe... Read More

“Drones at Work” - It’s About Data, Insight and Applications

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Tags: Machine Learning, Ai

I’ve just joined Kespry as the VP of Engineering and it may be the biggest leap of my professional life. Most of my career I’ve... Read More

The Fourth Industrial Age, Artificial Intelligence and Enterprise Class Drones

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Tags: Ai

In a few short years, artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a trending topic in the technology community, as well as in popular culture. And it... Read More

How Drone Data is Transforming the P&C Insurance Industry: A Discussion with Garrett Smith

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Tags: Roof Inspection, Hail Detection

Today I’m excited to chat with Garrett Smith, who is the Director of Business Development at Kespry, about how drone data is transforming the... Read More

People Behind the Kespry Products: George Fahmy

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Great advances in industrial technology are made by people, not companies, so let us welcome you to a new series of talks in which we... Read More

How Wendling Quarries captures survey-grade data using Kespry

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Tags: Survey Drone

If you’re in the aggregates or mining business, chances are you’re trying to solve the same problem Trent Sieverding was facing at Wendling Quarries. Trent... Read More

Webinar: How Drones, Data & AI are Revolutionizing the P&C Industry

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Tags: P&c, Insurance, Underwriting, Risk Management, Ai

From automated roof insurance inspections to leveraging AI in claims, risk management and underwriting, drones are rapidly changing the P&C industry. Join us on Thursday... Read More

3 Reasons Drones Are a Leading Tool for Aggregates

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Tags: Survey Drones, Aggregates, Mine Planning

From measuring stockpiles in minutes to expediting mine planning to safely capturing data from unsafe areas, here are three of the many reasons why aggregate... Read More