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Recruiting & Culture: A Discussion with Kenny Roberts

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Today I'm delighted to speak with Kenny Roberts, who is the Director of Recruiting at Kespry.  Welcome to the studio, Kenny. Thanks. Glad to be... Read More

Why We Reimagined Kespry Cloud

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As a product manager at Kespry, I have the privilege of listening to customer feedback and working with our incredible engineering team to bring those... Read More

5 Steps to Getting Started with an Enterprise Drone Program

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Tags: Enterprise, Aggregates, Mining, Insurance, Construction

Drones are making an appearance at industry conferences around the world, and enterprises everywhere are using the technology to increase their bottom line and get... Read More

Webinar: How Drone Data is Changing the Aggregates Industry

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Tags: Inventory Management, Mine Planning, Construction

Join us on Thursday, July 13th at 11am PST. Tony Cinkovich, Senior Project Manager at Pine Bluff Sand and Gravel, will discuss how his company uses... Read More

Kespry Drone 2s is Accelerating the Pace of Civil Engineering Projects

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Tags: Civil Engineering, Surveying

While technology for mapping large greenfield sites has advanced from planes to global positioning to drones, depending upon the system used, a firm’s methods could... Read More

On Solid Ground: The Future of Roof Inspections

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Tags: Roof Inspection, Claims Adjuster, Property And Casualty, Property Claims

Get ready for a world in which adjusters keep both feet firmly on the ground -- drone technology removes your claims adjusting risks. Right now... Read More

Webinar: How Drone Technology is Transforming Roof Inspections

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Tags: Insurance, Property And Casualty, Roof Inspection, Adjusters

Join us on Thursday, June 29th at 11am PST. We'll discuss how the automated, easy-to-use Kespry Drone Platform is rapidly changing the roof inspection process... Read More

People Behind the Kespry Products: Carl Sullivan

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Tags: Customer Success

Today I'm excited to speak with Carl Sullivan, who is a Senior Customer Success Manager at Kespry.  Carl, thanks so much for joining me today.  Happy... Read More

The Company Drone: How Smart Insurance Companies are Reaping the Benefits

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Tags: Insurance, Property And Casualty, Roof Inspection

By bringing the drone-driven inspection process in-house, claims departments can make the adjusting process a model in cost savings. It's been done this way for... Read More

Webinar: How an Aggregates Company Uses Drone Data

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Tags: Aggregates, Mine Planning

Join us on Thursday, June 15th at 11am PST.  Brian Biggerstaff, Environmental Manager at CSA Materials, will discuss how their company uses drone data for... Read More