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Enhancing Field Adjuster Productivity with Annotations and Site Photos

Michael Elbogen  / 

Tags: Insurance, Adjuster, Roof Inspection, Claims, Property And Casualty

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a popular topic these days, and with good reason.  From smartwatches to connected coffee pots, there is an increasing... Read More

Webinar: Drones in Mining Q&A

Kespry Team  / 

Tags: Coal, Frac Sand, Gold, Iron Ore

Join us on Thursday, October 12th at 11am PDT. View here Drone data is being used by leading mining companies all over the world to... Read More

Webinar: Using Drone Data for Mine Planning

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Tags: Mine Planning

David Lloyd, Mine Planning Engineer at APAC-Central (Oldcastle), will discuss how their company uses drone data for mine planning. David is responsible for Mine Planning... Read More

How Drone Technology Amplifies Adjusters

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Tags: Adjuster

New technology is something companies might often approach with caution. Yet technology can elevate the role of employees and equip them with new skill sets... Read More

How Drones are Creating a New Surveying Method

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Tags: Surveying

For many companies involved in surveying operations, creating accurate surveys for mining, site infrastructure planning or other construction purposes means labor-intensive work requiring days. Using... Read More

How To Make Month-End a Breeze in Five Simple Steps

Carolyn Aker  / 

Tags: Inventory Management

Keeping track of inventory is hard. To make tangible improvements in keeping on target over time, a regular cadence for collecting and using drone data... Read More

Three Reasons to Conduct Monthly Inventory Management

Carl Sullivan  / 

Tags: Inventory Management

As a Senior Customer Success Manager with a GIS and surveying background, I have the privilege of working closely with aggregates companies and ensuring that... Read More

3 Steps to Scaling Your Enterprise Drone Program

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Tags: Enterprise

Once company leaders see the ROI on drone programs, they want to scale their program across the enterprise. But increasing the adoption of a new... Read More

How Drone Technology Boosts P&C Customer Satisfaction

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Tags: Property And Casualty, Claims Handling

Here’s how drone technology can increase your customer retention rates. Imagine a scenario in which your adjuster receives the claim, completes the inspection process and... Read More

How Drones Amplify Human Potential

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Tags: Ai

In companies of any size, a change in workflow – especially one that involves a new and unfamiliar tool – can be met with resistance... Read More