Insurance Roof Claim Decisions In As Little As 1 Hour

Getting to a faster, safer, more accurate claims resolution

Lower costs with “in the field” analysis and roof claim decisions

Kespry, the leading aerial intelligence solution provider, has delivered new on-site and mobile-based drone tools to dramatically accelerate the assessment of roof damage from hail and storms. Armed with near immediate 3D models on an iPad and new Virtual Test Square tools that follow currently accepted industry standards, insurance adjusters can make claim payout decisions in as little as 1 hour – all during a single visit to the property.

These capabilities enable insurance carriers to make their touchless claims process more efficient while delivering an improved customer experience through faster claims resolution and improved transparency.

How Drones are Driving 1-Hour Roof Claim Decisions

Join our live webinar on May 10th to learn how new on-site drone capabilities are accelerating claims decisions for policyholders and insurers, delivering safe, accurate, and transparent roof assessments.

Register to see how Kespry can drive claims decisions in as little as an hour with:
  - Access to 3D models in minutes and mobile tools to make on-site claim decisions
  - Virtual Test Squares to replace manual chalk marks and 10x10 squares
  - Automated hail detection with improved machine learning accuracy

Kespry allows me to more efficiently and safely evaluate and measure a greater number of roofs on a daily basis.

Jim Grabowski
Loss Recovery Specialist,
Frontline Insurance

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