Inventory management and mine planning

Solve your site data collection and reporting challenges with the most accurate, reliable and scalable platform available.

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Automated aerial intelligence for aggregates

Kespry is the only aerial intelligence system designed to take you from data capture on your aggregates site to finished insights you can use with confidence. The system is designed to make it easy for anyone in your team to use. The Kespry Drone flies autonomously. There are no joysticks or piloting skills needed. Both data transfer and processing are automatic. Powerful reporting guides better decision-making and efficiency.

The best part? There are no usage costs beyond your flat-rate subscription, so you can fly as often as want. Predictable costs, unlimited data capture and more accurate information on which to run your business. That’s the power of Kespry.

Webinar: Using Drone Data for Mine Planning

Join us on Tuesday, September 26th at 11am PDT.

David Lloyd, Mine Planning Engineer at APAC-Central (Oldcastle), will discuss how their company uses drone data for mine planning.

David is responsible for Mine Planning, Reserve Exploration, Reserve Mapping, Site Surveying and Mapping for 20+ quarries across Arkansas, Oklahoma and Missouri.

Questions can be submitted before (via and during the live webinar (via chat).  

There is no charge to attend the webinar.

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A single source of truth for your work site data

The Kespry Cloud is a single point of access to manage and track materials across several sites. In just a few hours you have survey-grade aerial topographic data to accurately define volumes for stockpiles, blasting, stripping and other mine operations. Once your data is securely in the Kespry Cloud, anyone in your company can use the data to calculate volumes, manage materials, create inventory reports, and validate or update mine engineering design plans.

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Inventory management

Instead of spending days walking piles, coordinating with third party surveyors, or paying thousands of dollars for a manned aerial flyover, you can fly a large site with Kespry in minutes and have stockpile measurements the same day.

More importantly, you have accuracy you can trust in a system that always gets the job done. You avoid having to write down thousands in losses and the pain of reconciling end of quarter discrepancies. 

The Kespry Cloud also supports export of volume, density, and mass measurements directly to ERP systems or to Excel. You can generate an automated inventory management report for auditors that includes the volume and value for every stockpile.

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This is a tool that as a global aggregates business, we definitely see as scalable and applicable in many countries and regions. It allows us to harmonize and standardize on practices and processes worldwide.

Neil Wells
Head of Land and Minerals,

Mine planning

Planning blasting operations, comparing volume measurements from stripping, performing takeoffs, analyzing mine reclamation work, or estimating levels of reserves, Kespry delivers reliable data for you to manage your mine planning.

With the Kespry Drone 2s system, you achieve 2 cm vertical accuracy with a single base station receiver. No aerial survey targets or control points are necessary. This level of accuracy is needed to adequately perform geologic analysis for mine portal design, blasting pattern layout, and evaluation of slope stability within active quarry benches.

In the Kespry Cloud, you can view and download contours, point cloud data and each of the high-resolution 2D mine maps and 3D quarry models for AutoCAD and other third-party software platforms. The applications and tools in the Kespry Cloud are built to help you save time and money.

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What Kespry customers are saying

Kespry technology allows me on a weekly or even daily basis to get very accurate stockpile measurements of all the different sized aggregate products I have available.

James Veakins
Quarry Manager,
Hanson UK

The Kespry Cloud, fueled by efficient, repeatable Kespry UAV flights, allows us to quickly collect site information, process it, and deliver results to our customers.

Mark Power
Survey Team Leader,