Kespry Drone System

Kespry's all-in-one automated drone system gets you from takeoff to
3D models and business insights with just a few taps on your iPad.

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Automated and Industrial. The new enterprise advantage.

Kespry is a complete automated drone and data system. Drones fly autonomously and aerial data is uploaded automatically to the secure Kespry Cloud. Enterprise-class data analysis tools simplify reporting and quickly translate data into actionable operational insights. A fully integrated eco-system makes it easy to scale drones across hundreds of sites with no additional resources or training required.

Over 150
Acres per Flight

5ghz Wifi & 900mhz
Long-Range Link

Data Upload

Fast Data

Export ~30
File Formats

Kespry Drone

Kespry drone UAVs are easy to fly automatically, anytime, from any location. The onboard flight computer system uses a variety of sensors to deliver a hands-off piloting experience from takeoff to landing, and covers hundreds of acres in minutes. Advanced onboard GPS technology delivers survey-grade accuracy for civil planning, design, and layout operations. High-resolution camera sensors capture hundreds of images in the exact locations necessary to generate high-density 3D models. Data is uploaded automatically and wirelessly for analysis and reporting.

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Kespry Cloud

Customers use Kespry's complete aerial intelligence system to manage data from drone operations across multiple continents. The Kespry Cloud securely stores and processes data captured by drone flights. The comprehensive set of aerial data measurement and analysis tools provide accurate data for asset tracking, customized reporting, civil designs, and more.

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