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U.S. company launches cloud for insurance, brings drone platform to p&c sector

Kespry will now be able to extend its enterprise drone platform by offering insurance-specific functionality such as inspection-quality imagery for roofing and automated analysis to assist claim adjusters.

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How Drone Technology is Transforming Roof Inspections

We'll demonstrate how organizations are handling 3X more inspections per day, eliminating the need for 3rd party reports, and removing the risks of climbing on policyholder rooftops.

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Kespry enters insurance sector and brings UAS platform with it

One of the main features that Kespry is touting about the new Kespry cloud is its ability to automatically identify hail damage, thanks to sophisticated machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence designed specifically for this functionality.

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Kespry enters insurance sector with new drone platform features

George Mathew, Kespry CEO and chairman, said the technology enables insurers to provide their policyholders with shortened claim cycles and reduced loss adjustment expenses while minimizing liabilities and risks for field staffs.

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Kespry Launches Cloud for Insurance

Kespry, the leading aerial intelligence platform provider, today announced that it is moving deeper into vertical markets with its formal entry into the insurance sector.

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Kespry Launches Cloud for Insurance and Brings Enterprise Drone Platform to Insurance Sector

“Now, insurers can dramatically improve the policyholder experience through shortened claim cycles while also reducing loss adjustment expenses and minimizing liabilities and risks for field staff.”

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Kespry Caters Drone Platform to Insurers, Opens Software to Third Parties

Kespry’s automated aerial intelligence solution is designed to improve the property and casualty roof claim cycle.

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How is Drone Data Improving the Policyholder Experience and Carrier Operations in P&C?

For anyone working in P&C, drones provide users with multiple means to reduce risk, and the increases in efficiency the tools create can be directly and indirectly seen on the bottom line.

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