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Kespry upgrades Drone 2 system

“The enhancements to the Kespry Drone 2 – bringing centimeter-level accuracy – exemplify how Kespry is innovating the industrial drone space through its Aerial Intelligence Platform.”

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Unmanned Aerial Online  / 

Kespry Enhances Drone System for Survey-Grade Applications

“Customers are looking for a complete drone solution that provides survey-grade accuracy – without sacrificing speed and convenience,” states George Mathew, CEO and chairman of Kespry.

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Kespry Announces Drone 2 with increased performance

These enhancements make Kespry Drone 2 even more ideal for a wide range of industrial applications, including those requiring survey-grade precision, such as in mining and the architecture, engineering and construction (A/E/C) markets.

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Commercial UAV News  / 

Delivering an Integrated End-to-End Drone Solution: An Interview with Kespry CEO George Mathew

"We think the world should have a much more integrated, complete, autonomous solution, and that’s what our customers really want and value today."

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Forbes  / 

10 Killer Use Cases: What Drones-as-a-Service Can Do For Your Business

Drones can provide businesses with types of data they’ve never had access to before, enabling decision makers to have a more complete picture of their operations.

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Pit & Quarry  / 

Drones Increase Quarry Efficiency and Safety

A Whitaker employee now taps just a few buttons on an iPad, and the Kespry drone automatically flies over each quarry site. What used to take days now takes hours.

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Aggregates Manager  / 

Free webinar: Lehigh Hanson’s Mike Moy will discuss drones in aggregate operations

Mike Moy, Lehigh Hanson’s operations analyst, will discuss how the company uses the Kespry Automated Drone System to help measure stockpile inventories, manage mine operations, and improve worker safety.

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InterDrone  / 

Kespry gets new CEO to grow its industrial drone business

Kespry’s drone software, hardware and cloud services are designed to help organizations transform the way they capture, analyze and share business insights.

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Equipment World  / 

Kespry, maker of all-in-one industrial drone platform, names new CEO

Last year, Kespry launched Drone 2.0, a complete drone solution aimed at construction and surveying that fully integrates drone hardware and cloud-based image rendering software in order to provide a drone that not only flies itself, but delivers ready-to-use imagery with almost no operator intervention required.

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Kespry Expects Growth with CEO Pick

California-based aerial intelligence provider Kespry announced that George Matthew, the recent president and CEO of Alteryx, a data analytics software provider, will take over as CEO. 

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