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Kespry Brings Enterprise Drone Platform to Insurance Sector

Kespry's field-to-finish experience is the only fully automated aerial intelligence solution designed to improve the property and casualty roof claim cycle.

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Kespry Launches Cloud for Insurance

Kespry, the leading aerial intelligence platform provider, today announced that it is moving deeper into vertical markets with its formal entry into the insurance sector.

Tags: Insurance, Property And Casualty, Property Claims, Roof Inspection, Artificial Intelligence

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Kespry Launches Cloud for Insurance and Brings Enterprise Drone Platform to Insurance Sector

“Now, insurers can dramatically improve the policyholder experience through shortened claim cycles while also reducing loss adjustment expenses and minimizing liabilities and risks for field staff.”

Tags: Property And Casualty, Roof Inspection, Artificial Intelligence, Insurance

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Kespry Caters Drone Platform to Insurers, Opens Software to Third Parties

Kespry’s automated aerial intelligence solution is designed to improve the property and casualty roof claim cycle.

Tags: Insurance, Property And Casualty, Artificial Intelligence, Roof Inspection

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Drones—what are they good for?

"Drones are also useful farther up the construction supply chain, in mining and aggregates, says George Mathew, Kespry’s boss. A drone can measure the volume of dozens of stockpiles in a single flight, taking thousands of measurements that are turned into an accurate point cloud within an hour."

Tags: Aggregates, Mining, Construction

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Webinar: How an Aggregates Company Uses Drone Data

Brian Biggerstaff, Environmental Manager at CSA Materials, will discuss how their company uses the Kespry Automated Drone System for inventory management, environmental management and visualizing shot blasts. 

Register here.

Tags: Aggregates, Mine Planning

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How Drone Data Will Empower Enterprise Users and Define Various Industries

"Industrial drones are allowing our customers to collect data in an accurate, faster and safer way. Data to decisions in hours and not days is what we obsess about at Kespry."

Tags: Data, Analytics, Enterprise

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5 Steps to Getting Started with an Enterprise Drone Program

If you’ve been thinking about implementing drone technology but don’t know where to start, you’re not alone - understanding all of the elements of a drone program can be complicated. Here are 5 steps for getting started.

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How Enterprise Adoption is Changing the Drone Industry

"Kespry’s customers in aggregates find they can measure stockpiles 12X faster; insurance customers can double the number of claims processed in a day.  Enterprise adoption has brought the return on investment to the forefront of drone offerings, and the successful providers are those that can show clear and measurable benefits to the bottom line."

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The Fourth Industrial Age, Artificial Intelligence and Enterprise Class Drones

"Commercial drone technology from companies such as Kespry is one such AI-powered solution that has shown the potential to deliver 100x improvements over existing solutions."

Tags: Ai, Machine Learning