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Trump Meets with Drone Executives in Tech Push (Audio)

Gabriel Dobbs, vice president of business development at Kespry drones, discusses President Trump’s meeting with drone executives at the White House on Thursday. He speaks with Amy Morris and Ros Krasny on Bloomberg Radio’s "Politics, Policy and Power."

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Trump will discuss drones, wireless tech with investors, execs

The White House will host executives and investors on Thursday for sessions on emerging technology like drones, 5G wireless and the Internet of Things.

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Trump talks drones, 5G and job creation with tech entrepreneurs

One of the sessions will feature a demonstration of Kespry’s unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and how it is used for industrial applications.

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Trump Plays With A Drone And Meets With Emerging Tech Leaders

In the final event of the White House’s “tech week,” the president cradled a four-propeller flying robot, engaged in a demonstration on 5G internet, and discussed how the government can better regulate and encourage investments in companies building drones, connected devices and web infrastructure.

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How Drone Technology is Transforming Roof Inspections

We'll demonstrate how organizations are handling 3X more inspections per day, eliminating the need for 3rd party reports, and removing the risks of climbing on policyholder rooftops.

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Trump meeting tomorrow will include these companies focused on drones and 5G wireless

Another drone industry executive, Kespry CEO and Chairman George Mathew said, "Drones and a faster internet are the technologies that can really help a blue collar work force today."

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Kespry enters insurance sector with new drone platform features

George Mathew, Kespry CEO and chairman, said the technology enables insurers to provide their policyholders with shortened claim cycles and reduced loss adjustment expenses while minimizing liabilities and risks for field staffs.

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Trump is hosting a meeting with drone companies Thursday

Kespry is a California-based drone company that makes drones and software for the mining, construction and insurance industries. The company’s CEO George Mathew will be in attendance and is bringing a customer from the construction industry, too.

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Kespry Advances Cloud with Insurance-Focused Application

"The easy-to-use and fully-integrated Kespry Drone Platform enables major industrial companies to collect more accurate information, more frequently, efficiently and safely."

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Kespry Launches Cloud for Insurance

One of the most powerful aspects of the new Kespry Cloud is the sophisticated machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence designed to automatically identify hail damage.

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