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Kespry makes collection of high-resolution aerial imagery for residential and commercial roof inspections fast. The automated Kespry solution dramatically reduces claim cycle times, giving adjusters and their customers time critical data and reports in the same day. By eliminating ladder assist crews or 3rd party reporting Kespry helps claims adjusters complete double the number of claims per day while reducing overall costs.


Less than 5 minutes to fly any roof


Millions of data points in each 3D model 


Accurate damage assessment calculation

"Shapiro argued that using drones would let inspectors dedicate more time in the office analyzing the imagery as opposed to having to waste time driving to and visiting each home. He believes using drones will lead to a faster roof-inspection process, be safer for inspectors since they won’t have to climb onto the homes, and will ultimately save Allstate money."

Fortune, September 2016 •

Faster Roof Inspections

Insurance Inspectors and Claims Adjusters can use a Kespry drone system to quickly and safely inspect a roof. No joystick or piloting experience is necessary. The automated drone system is equipped with obstacle avoidance and automatically flies the mission planned on an iPad in a few minutes before takeoff. High-resolution imagery is instantly processed in the field and converted into 2D and 3D maps and models. Claims Adjustors are given precise calculations of roof pitch surface area and detailed image resolution to adequately quantify damage.

Watch the "How Hancock Claims Consultants Use Kespry Drones for Property Claims" webinar.

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Claims Adjustment and Underwriting

Using a Kespry system, high-resolution imagery provides less than 1mm resolution powerful enough to detect granule loss and hail damage. The Kespry Cloud uses sophisticated deep learning algorithms to automatically identify hail damage.  Customized maps are quickly produced for the entire roof. Automated dimension reports are also provided and immediately available for high accuracy measurements.  

The aerial imagery from the Kespry drone is securely stored in the online Kespry Cloud. Permissions management in the Kespry Cloud help to ensure the right members of the team have access to the individual images, models, and all the online measurement tools as part of the inspection, underwriting and claims adjustment workflow.

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