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Automated Aerial Intelligence for Aggregates

The Kespry automated drone system is a fast and simple way to measure stockpile volumes. Kespry UAVs are fully automated. No pilot training or joystick flight skills are required to fly. The drone takes off, flies, and lands autonomously. The aerial data captured is automatically processed into accurate mining maps and models that your team can access and work with from anywhere using the online Kespry Cloud.


Less than 30 minutes to fly 150 acres


Millions of data points in each 3D model


Less than 1 minute to measure each stockpile

"This is a tool that as a global aggregates business we see as definitely scalable and applicable in many countries and regions allowing us to harmonise and standardise on practices and process worldwide."

Neil Wells, Head of Land and Minerals • HeidelbergCement

Inventory Management

The Kespry automated drone system is a complete inventory management solution for aggregates. Customers use Kespry drones for everything from daily production measurements and spot checks to end of year third-party audits.

Discover how HeidelbergCement uses the Kespry Automated Drone System to easily and frequently capture accurate data that drives operations and sales decisions.

Instead of spending days walking piles, coordinating with third party surveyors, or paying thousands of dollars for a manned aerial flyover, the Kespry system  makes it possible for anyone to fly a large site in minutes and have pile measurements the same day.

Read Customer Case Study about Stockpile Cost Savings ROI.

Accurate measurements of inventory help you avoid having to write-down thousands of dollars in losses, or reconcile end of quarter discrepancies.The Kespry Cloud enables you to export volume, density, and mass measurements to Excel, or generate an automated inventory management report for auditors that includes the volume and value for every stockpile.

Read more about measuring alternate stockpiles, from wood products to landfills.

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Mine Planning

Survey-grade accuracy from the Kespry 2s system provides reliable data used in mine planning applications. Customers use Kespry for blasting operations, comparing volume measurements from stripping, performing takeoffs, mine reclamation work, or even to estimate levels of reserves.

In the Kespry Cloud, customers view and download contours, point cloud data and each of the high-resolution 2D mine maps and 3D quarry models for AutoCAD and other third-party software platforms. The Kespry team are continually adding new tools to help mining companies save time and money.

Watch the "How Lehigh Hanson Uses Kespry Drones for Mining Operations" webinar.

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What Kespry Customers are Saying

"With the drone we can get a cost efficient and accurate measurement of our stockpiles every month, versus the quarterly measurements we were getting before."

Mike Moy
Operations Specialist
Lehigh Hanson

“The Kespry Drone System has been easy for us to deploy to help manage our mine operations and stockpiles. We’re excited about putting Kespry drones to work at our mines.”

Jon Layne
Business Development Manager

"Kespry technology allows me on a weekly or even daily basis to get very accurate stockpile measurements of all the different sized aggregate products I have available."

James Veakins
Quarry Manager
Hanson UK

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