Kespry Customer Profile: Bob Yaremko at Peckham Industries

Before Peckham Industries discovered the Kespry Automated Drone System, surveys were done once a year at a handful of locations. Today, they can measure stockpiles whenever they’d like and as often as they’d like.

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Kespry Customer Profile: Mike Moy at Lehigh Hanson

“With the lighter and faster Kespry Drone 2.0, Lehigh Hanson sites will be able to map larger areas faster. The expanded ground coverage and obstacle avoidance will allow the plants to more effectively manage their inventories, safely assess mine pits, and help control costs.”

—  Mike Moy, Operations Specialist

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Whitaker Drone Stockpile Cost Savings

Using the Kespry Automated Drone System, Whitaker is spending 22% less money than before, while measuring their stockpiles 2X more frequently and spending 4X less time overall.

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“The Kespry Cloud, fueled by efficient, repeatable Kespry UAV flights, allows us to quickly collect site information, process it, and deliver results to our customers.” 

— Mark Power, Survey Team Leader

Wapiti Gravel Suppliers

“We use the Kespry Drone System to measure stockpiles, manage inventory and for pit planning, as well as surveying new and existing quarry locations for construction projects across Alberta Canada."

— Chris Hendsbee, Crushing Operations Manager

California Surveying & Drafting Supply

“As the first Kespry reseller, CSDS is excited to bring its surveying and construction customers a reliable drone solution to help automate the capture and analysis of aerial information."

—Mike Woodel, Vice President Sales


“The Kespry Drone System has been easy for Sully-Miller to deploy to help manage our mine operations and stockpiles. We’re excited about putting Kespry drones to work at our mines.” 

— Jon Layne, Business Development Manager

Whitaker Contracting

"In my opinion, the drone paid for itself the first time I used it." 

 — John Davenport, Project Manager