Integrated Solutions
for Real Problems

At Kespry, we're building a drone with all the software and hardware systems
our customers need to go from nothing to answers, fast.

Drones Will Change Everything

The physical world comprises a massive and virtually unexplored geo-spatial data set. Drones are making it possible to capture and analyze this information at scale for the first time, presenting the opportunity for thousands of disruptive applications across virtually every industry. Companies using drones are reaping the benefits of completing core operational requirements faster, safer, and with increased accuracy, even while the full value of drones is yet to be realized.

Relentless Customer Focus

Kespry's initial customers represent some of the oldest industries in construction that face the harshest operating environments. Working with the customers has led to the new Kespry Drone 2.0--which is lighter and faster, with twice the ground coverage, and the first automated commercial drone with on-board obstacle avoidance--all based on direct customer feedback.


A Full-Stack Solution

Delivering a truly great commercial drone requires an integrated solution with all the critical software, hardware, and data analysis tools our customers need to solve problems. We don’t rely on other companies to provide a piece of our product unless it’s perfectly suited to our mission. If it doesn’t exist, we design it ourselves. Making it all work together is what makes us different.


The Best and Brightest

A full-stack solution requires a full-stack team. Kespry's growing crew is comprised of individuals with varied backgrounds in software, electrical, mechanical, and robotics engineering. When you work at Kespry you'll be working side-by-side with people who built flying cars, launched code into space, operated drones in combat, and two Forbes 30 Under 30 recipients.