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Realizing construction's digital future using industrial drones and artificial intelligence

Jitender Aswani  / 

Tags: Artificial Intelligence, Digital Worksite, Earthworks, Industrial Drones, Construction, Aec

Construction is the bedrock for prosperous societies around the world. It will continue being one of the most dynamic industrial sectors over the next 15 years. According to McKinsey Global Institute, the global construction industry will spend $57 trillion on infrastructure projects by 2030. A growth opportunity of this magnitude presents transformational benefits for all players in the industry to address significant structural and procedural challenges... Read More

How Drone Data and AI Are Accelerating the Commercial Drone Industry

Rosalie Bartlett  / 

Tags: Ai, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning

Manufacturers of unmanned vehicles are almost always referred to as “drone companies.” For enterprise solution providers like Kespry, however, drones are simply a tool used to gather the real product – data. Data is what provides real value to the customer; giving them better decision-making tools, a measurable return, and a competitive edge. “Actionable Data” is the commercial drone industry’s reason for being. The data must be... Read More

People Behind the Kespry Products: Parker Clark

Rosalie Bartlett  / 

Tags: Parker Clark, Artificial Intelligence

Today I'm excited to speak with Parker Clark who is the CTO at Kespry. Thanks so much for joining me today, Parker. Thanks, Rosalie. To start off our chat, could you describe who Kespry is? Kespry is an aerial intelligence company that's focused on aggregates, mining, AEC, and insurance. We build the whole stack, which includes the drone, all the data capture, backend data processing... Read More

“Drones at Work” - It’s About Data, Insight and Applications

Jim Allison  / 

Tags: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Engineering

I’ve just joined Kespry as the VP of Engineering and it may be the biggest leap of my professional life. Most of my career I’ve been building technology products and assembling, growing and leading the teams that build them for companies like Palm, SanDisk, Autodesk, Cruise, Livescribe, Odesta, Pensoft/EO and most recently, Lily Robotics. Much of my focus has been on the consumer. Why now the... Read More