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How to Evaluate a Drone Solution for P&C Claims

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Tags: Property And Casualty, Insurance Claims, Hail Detection, Roof Inspection

Drone technology is only as good as the data and analytics power behind it. Are you settling for less? For the insurance industry, the opportunity to harness big data has arrived. More carriers, particularly within the property and casualty space, are employing drone technology to empower claims adjudication. The benefits are clear: the ability to capture the full picture of a property has made claim resolution... Read More

How Drone Data is Transforming the P&C Insurance Industry: A Discussion with Garrett Smith

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Tags: Property And Casualty, Roof Inspection, Hail Detection

Today I’m excited to chat with Garrett Smith, who is the Director of Business Development at Kespry, about how drone data is transforming the P&C industry. Garrett, thanks so much for joining me. Thanks for having me, Rosalie.   Could you maybe give a quick overview of who Kespry is and what your focus is? Kespry is a really great company doing incredible things in... Read More