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How Drones are Creating a New Surveying Method

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For many companies involved in surveying operations, creating accurate surveys for mining, site infrastructure planning or other construction purposes means labor-intensive work requiring days. Using Kespry Drone 2s, tasks that once required significant time to complete can now be done in a fraction of the time they previously took. By providing the latest in automated drone technology, Kespry has created a new standardized method in surveying... Read More

Kespry Drone 2s is Accelerating the Pace of Civil Engineering Projects

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While technology for mapping large greenfield sites has advanced from planes to global positioning to drones, depending upon the system used, a firm’s methods could be stuck 15, 30, or 50 years in the past. Manned aerial systems and GPS techniques requiring numerous workers are quickly becoming a thing of the past. In a world where quicker access to info saves money, traditional methods require substantial... Read More

How Wendling Quarries captures survey-grade data using Kespry

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If you’re in the aggregates or mining business, chances are you’re trying to solve the same problem Trent Sieverding was facing at Wendling Quarries. Trent knew he needed a drone solution, but didn’t want to have to become a drone expert to get the quality data he needed. He needed a solution that was integrated, accurate, reliable and wouldn’t take a lot of time to set up. We recently... Read More