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Enhancing Field Adjuster Productivity with Annotations and Site Photos

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a popular topic these days, and with good reason.  From smartwatches to connected coffee pots, there is an increasing network of sensors providing new and useful data to just about any industry you can name.  And here at Kespry, we believe roof inspections will be no exception to this trend.  That is why we are looking ahead, envisioning a solution... Read More

Farmers Insurance launches new drone program with Kespry

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We’re proud to announce that Farmers Insurance has chosen Kespry as the launch partner for their new nationwide drone program. Drone Program Takes Flight at Farmers Insurance® National insurer group begins deploying Kespry drone technology to enhance customer experience, increase safety WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. (August 2, 2017) – Farmers Insurance® today announced that it has enlisted a fleet of unmanned aerial aircraft systems (UAS) to enhance... Read More

How to Evaluate a Drone Solution for P&C Claims

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Drone technology is only as good as the data and analytics power behind it. Are you settling for less? For the insurance industry, the opportunity to harness big data has arrived. More carriers, particularly within the property and casualty space, are employing drone technology to empower claims adjudication. The benefits are clear: the ability to capture the full picture of a property has made claim resolution... Read More

On Solid Ground: The Future of Roof Inspections

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Get ready for a world in which adjusters keep both feet firmly on the ground -- drone technology removes your claims adjusting risks. Right now, the property insurance market is a buyer’s market. Insurance is plentiful and easy to get, which for insurers, makes for fierce competition. With many companies offering coverage, insurers looking to remain competitive, particularly on price, are doing what they can to... Read More

Webinar: How Drone Technology is Transforming Roof Inspections

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Join us on Thursday, June 29th at 11am PST. We'll discuss how the automated, easy-to-use Kespry Drone Platform is rapidly changing the roof inspection process, enabling you to collect more accurate information, more frequently, efficiently and safely.We will also demonstrate how organizations are handling 3X more inspections per day, eliminating the need for 3rd party reports, and removing the risks of climbing on policyholder rooftops. Register... Read More

The Company Drone: How Smart Insurance Companies are Reaping the Benefits

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By bringing the drone-driven inspection process in-house, claims departments can make the adjusting process a model in cost savings. It's been done this way for as long as there’s been a roof damage claim: the adjuster schedules an inspection, shows up with a ladder, climbs up, and teeters on a sloped roof taking measurements and photos. The adjuster then crunches the numbers and can sometimes issue... Read More

How Drone Data is Transforming the P&C Insurance Industry: A Discussion with Garrett Smith

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Today I’m excited to chat with Garrett Smith, who is the Director of Business Development at Kespry, about how drone data is transforming the P&C industry. Garrett, thanks so much for joining me. Thanks for having me, Rosalie.   Could you maybe give a quick overview of who Kespry is and what your focus is? Kespry is a really great company doing incredible things in... Read More