How Drone Data is Transforming the P&C Insurance Industry: A Discussion with Garrett Smith

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Tags: Property And Casualty, Roof Inspection, Hail Detection

Today I’m excited to chat with Garrett Smith, who is the Director of Business Development at Kespry, about how drone data is transforming the P&C industry. Garrett, thanks so much for joining me. Thanks for having me, Rosalie.   Could you maybe give a quick overview of who Kespry is and what your focus is? Kespry is a really great company doing incredible things in the... Read More

People Behind the Kespry Products: George Fahmy

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Tags: People Behind The Kespry Products, Aerospace

Great advances in industrial technology are made by people, not companies, so let us welcome you to a new series of talks in which we meet the People Behind the Kespry Products that are shaping aerial intelligence. In our first interview, we’re speaking with George Fahmy, Lead Flight Test Engineer at Kespry. Today we’re speaking with George Fahmy. George is the Lead Flight Test Engineer at... Read More

How Wendling Quarries captures survey-grade data using Kespry

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Tags: Surveying, Survey Drones, Survey Drone, Drone For Surveying

If you’re in the aggregates or mining business, chances are you’re trying to solve the same problem Trent Sieverding was facing at Wendling Quarries. Trent knew he needed a drone solution, but didn’t want to have to become a drone expert to get the quality data he needed. He needed a solution that was integrated, accurate, reliable and wouldn’t take a lot of time to set up. We recently... Read More

Webinar: How Drones, Data & AI are Revolutionizing the P&C Industry

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Tags: P&c, Insurance, Underwriting, Risk Management, Ai

From automating property inspections to leveraging AI in claims, risk management and underwriting, drones are rapidly changing the P&C industry. Join us on Thursday, April 27th, as we explore some of the many ways drones are being used to improve the policyholder experience and carrier operations. Questions can be submitted before or during the webinar.  If you'd like to attend, please register here. ... Read More

3 Reasons Drones Are a Leading Tool for Aggregates

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Tags: Surveying Drones, Survey Drones, Aggregates, Mine Planning

From measuring stockpiles in minutes to expediting mine planning to safely capturing data from unsafe areas, here are three of the many reasons why aggregate companies are embracing drone technology.              Using the Kespry Cloud, it takes one minute to measure a stockpile. 1. Stockpile measurement in under a minute Many aggregates companies use a combination of employees on the ground and... Read More

CONEXPO FAQ Follow-up Webinar: Drones & Data

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Tags: Conexpo, Aggregates, Construction, Webinar

CONEXPO was an incredible event where we received so many questions about the different ways drone technology is improving the Aggregate and Construction industries.During the webinar today, we answered questions received at CONEXPO about how our automated drone system works and explored common use cases and data insights.Attendees submitted questions before and during the webinar. Watch the webinar video here. Read More

Harvard Engineering Alum Pursues Passion for Aviation at Kespry

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Tags: Carolina Ragolta, Harvard, Product Management

Carolina Ragolta, Product Manager at Kespry, was recently interviewed by her alma mater Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS), about her engineering background, love of aviation, product responsibilities at Kespry and ultimate goal of becoming an Astronaut. “When I was starting my senior year, I never would have expected that my first job would be in product management, a field I didn’t... Read More

Constructech TV interviews Kespry CEO about Drones in Construction

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Tags: Constructech Tv, Construction

Actionable insights gained from drone data are saving construction companies time and money. At Kespry, we’re hearing from our construction customers that they’re finding value in being able to track progress, conduct site surveys and manage resources. Keeping their projects on schedule and under budget. George Mathew, Kespry CEO, recently spoke with Peggy Smedley, from Constructech TV about the different use cases for the Kespry Automated... Read More