Farmers Insurance launches new drone program with Kespry

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We’re proud to announce that Farmers Insurance has chosen Kespry as the launch partner for their new nationwide drone program. Drone Program Takes Flight at Farmers Insurance® National insurer group begins deploying Kespry drone technology to enhance customer experience, increase safety WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. (August 2, 2017) – Farmers Insurance® today announced that it has enlisted a fleet of unmanned aerial aircraft systems (UAS) to enhance... Read More

Customer Spotlight: Sharon Masek PG, PH - Superior Silica Sands

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From an early age, Sharon was fascinated with agates. Thinking back on her childhood, she fondly remembers walking down the road with her grandma in search of interesting rocks. This interest combined with a love of science led Sharon to pursue a Geology/Hydrogeology degree at The University of Wisconsin–River Falls. A hydrogeologist for 26 years, Sharon has been the Manager of Mine Planning and Industrial Relations... Read More

Using Drone Data for Haul Truck Road Construction

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Tony Cinkovich, Senior Project Manager, recently shared how Pine Bluff Sand and Gravel used drone data from their Kespry Automated Drone System for Haul Truck Road Construction. Enjoy the webinar recording here, starting at 26:13. Prior to this section, Tony discussed using drone data for inventory management and mine planning. The Kespry Cloud displays high-resolution aerial imagery for the area of construction. “We had a new... Read More

How to Evaluate a Drone Solution for P&C Claims

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Drone technology is only as good as the data and analytics power behind it. Are you settling for less? For the insurance industry, the opportunity to harness big data has arrived. More carriers, particularly within the property and casualty space, are employing drone technology to empower claims adjudication. The benefits are clear: the ability to capture the full picture of a property has made claim resolution... Read More

The 6 Biggest Uses of Drone Data in Construction

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Tags: Construction, As-Built Survey, Earthworks, Pre-Construction Survey

Construction companies are using drone data in so many interesting ways. From the pre-construction survey to the as-built survey, here’s a look at the six biggest uses. 1. Pre-Construction Survey Initial drone flights are surveying site conditions to document the baseline topography and pre-existing features. Data is exported into CAD or GIS software packages for civil designs. 2. 3D View Rich 3D Models allow for safe... Read More

How Drone Data and AI Are Accelerating the Commercial Drone Industry

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Tags: Ai, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning

Manufacturers of unmanned vehicles are almost always referred to as “drone companies.” For enterprise solution providers like Kespry, however, drones are simply a tool used to gather the real product – data. Data is what provides real value to the customer; giving them better decision-making tools, a measurable return, and a competitive edge. “Actionable Data” is the commercial drone industry’s reason for being. The data must be... Read More

People Behind the Kespry Products: Jordan Croom

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Today I’m excited to speak with Jordan Croom, who is the lead mechanical engineer at Kespry. Thanks so much for joining me today, Jordan. Thanks for having me. To start off our chat, could maybe share a few of the exciting things that you’re focused on at Kespry? Originally, I was focused on creating the Drone 2 system. It was really interesting to build a drone... Read More

FAA Part 107: A Discussion with Michael Hersher

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Kespry's Director of Customer Success, Michael Hersher, recently gave an overview of FAA Part 107 and discussed how Kespry supports customers with preparing for the test. Read More

Recruiting & Culture: A Discussion with Kenny Roberts

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Today I'm delighted to speak with Kenny Roberts, who is the Director of Recruiting at Kespry.  Welcome to the studio, Kenny. Thanks, Rosalie. Glad to be here.  To start us off, could you tell me who Kespry is and what you’re personally focused on? Kespry is an aerial data company. A company that is rapidly improving the way that individuals and organizations operate. Specifically in Aggregates... Read More

Why We Reimagined Kespry Cloud

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As a product manager at Kespry, I have the privilege of listening to customer feedback and working with our incredible engineering team to bring those ideas to life. It is amazing to see how quickly some ideas can make it into our product - in the last year we have launched Drone 2 and 2s, countless software updates, and powerful new Cloud features like inventory management... Read More