Webinar: Using Drone Data for Mine Planning

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Join us on Tuesday, September 26th at 11am PDT. Register now. David Lloyd, Mine Planning Engineer at APAC-Central (Oldcastle), will discuss how their company uses drone data for mine planning. David is responsible for Mine Planning, Reserve Exploration, Reserve Mapping, Site Surveying and Mapping for 20+ quarries across Arkansas, Oklahoma and Missouri. Questions can be submitted before (via and during the live webinar (via chat). There is... Read More

How Drone Technology Amplifies Adjusters

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New technology is something companies might often approach with caution. Yet technology can elevate the role of employees and equip them with new skill sets. Such is the case with drone technology. When adjusting claims, insurers can use drone technology to drive profitability in one of the most unlikely places within the organization: in the claims adjustment department. Here’s how drone technology, like the industry-leading Kespry... Read More

How Drones are Creating a New Surveying Method

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For many companies involved in surveying operations, creating accurate surveys for mining, site infrastructure planning or other construction purposes means labor-intensive work requiring days. Using Kespry Drone 2s, tasks that once required significant time to complete can now be done in a fraction of the time they previously took. By providing the latest in automated drone technology, Kespry has created a new standardized method in surveying... Read More

How To Make Month-End a Breeze in Five Simple Steps

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Tags: Inventory Management

Keeping track of inventory is hard. To make tangible improvements in keeping on target over time, a regular cadence for collecting and using drone data has to be established. On-time data collection is key and requires thoughtful planning about the logistics involved. Below are some questions to help you organize your flights and get the data you need. 1. When do you need the data? Check with... Read More

Three Reasons to Conduct Monthly Inventory

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As a Senior Customer Success Manager with a GIS and surveying background, I have the privilege of working closely with aggregates companies and ensuring that they receive a strong ROI from drone data. Drone data is changing how aggregates companies operate, saving them time and money while increasing safety. Inventory management is a great example of this change. Before using drones, inventory was done quarterly or... Read More

3 Steps to Scaling Your Enterprise Drone Program

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Once company leaders see the ROI on drone programs, they want to scale their program across the enterprise. But increasing the adoption of a new technology throughout a large company means planning ahead, and anticipating costs and difficulties. A program that scales well will not just maintain, but increase its value when tested by larger demands.  Here are 3 steps for scaling your enterprise drone program... Read More

How Drone Technology Boosts P&C Customer Satisfaction

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Tags: Property And Casualty, Claims Handling

Here’s how drone technology can increase your customer retention rates. Imagine a scenario in which your adjuster receives the claim, completes the inspection process and resolves the claim in a fraction of the time it used to take. What would that do for your customer satisfaction levels, and how would it impact customer retention? That scenario is well within reach right now. By adding drone technology... Read More

How Drones Amplify Human Potential

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In companies of any size, a change in workflow – especially one that involves a new and unfamiliar tool – can be met with resistance from the existing team. The return on investment for drone technology is so strong, however, that it’s critical to make a case for introducing such a powerful tool. With the right platform and exposure to the ways drones make work easier... Read More

Kespry first to receive Haag seal-of-approval for accuracy

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Independent Study by Haag Engineering Verifies the Precision and Efficacy of Using Kespry Industrial Drones for Measuring and Inspecting Roofs Leading Industrial Drone Maker Is First to Receive Industry Seal-of-Approval for Accuracy, Adds to Momentum Following Announcement that Farmers Insurance Selected Kespry  MENLO PARK, Calif. – August 22 2017 – Kespry, the leading aerial intelligence platform provider, announced that highly regarded forensic engineering, research and testing firm, Haag... Read More

Webinar: Using Drone Data for Aggregates Inventory Management

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Tags: Inventory Management, Oldcastle, Preferred Materials

Join us on Thursday, August 17th at 11am PST. Pat Weaver, Vice President of Production at Preferred Materials (Oldcastle), will discuss how their company uses drone data for inventory management.  Learn how insights from frequently captured drone data are saving time and money. Register here. Read More