Drones in Civil Construction - Today and Tomorrow

Jay Mulakala  / 

Tags: Civil Construction, General Engineering, Earthworks, Drones For Construction

Today, drones are being used across a wide variety of industries including agriculture, real estate, inspections, mining, and construction. These drones are on the cutting edge of technology, equipped with a variety tools that enable them to track site progress, locate and calculate volume of inventory on a site, and even physically assist with different aspects of a construction site. At Kespry, we truly believe in... Read More

Realizing construction's digital future using industrial drones and artificial intelligence

Jitender Aswani  / 

Tags: Artificial Intelligence, Digital Worksite, Earthworks, Industrial Drones, Construction, Aec

Construction is the bedrock for prosperous societies around the world. It will continue being one of the most dynamic industrial sectors over the next 15 years. According to McKinsey Global Institute, the global construction industry will spend $57 trillion on infrastructure projects by 2030. A growth opportunity of this magnitude presents transformational benefits for all players in the industry to address significant structural and procedural challenges... Read More

Kespry Partners with AirMap to Streamline Planning Safe, Compliant Drone Flights

Nathan Stump  / 

Tags: Airmap, Mission Planning, Compliance, Safety, Regulations

As part of Kespry’s commitment to developing an open ecosystem, we’re excited to announce a new partnership with AirMap to streamline the mission planning workflow and ensure that flights are safe and compliant. Kespry is the first in the drone industry to integrate airspace intelligence from AirMap’s “contextual airspace” offering, providing drone operators with airspace information and advisories tailored to the exact specifications of each flight... Read More

Expanding construction and engineering use cases with purpose built Earthworks Tools

Jason Nichols  / 

Tags: Earthworks, Construction, Planning, Bidding, Grade Management

Meeting schedules, staying on budget, and following design plans are the core principles for companies performing earthwork operations. Having a balance between these three responsibilities is a difficult task and requires the right combination of technologies to be successful. An enterprise aerial intelligence platform with purpose built earthwork analysis tools is giving construction and engineering companies the power to control the success of a project. Kespry... Read More

Enhancing Field Adjuster Productivity with Annotations and Site Photos

Michael Elbogen - Product Manager  / 

Tags: Insurance, Adjuster, Roof Inspection, Claims, Property And Casualty

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a popular topic these days, and with good reason.  From smartwatches to connected coffee pots, there is an increasing network of sensors providing new and useful data to just about any industry you can name.  And here at Kespry, we believe roof inspections will be no exception to this trend.  That is why we are looking ahead, envisioning a solution... Read More

Webinar: Drones in Mining Q&A

Rosalie Bartlett  / 

Tags: Coal, Frac Sand, Gold, Iron Ore

Join us on Thursday, October 12th at 11am PDT. View here Drone data is being used by leading mining companies all over the world to save time and money while increasing safety. From waste rock material management to mine planning, companies are seeing a strong ROI. In this webinar, the most popular use cases for the following industries will be discussed: - Aggregates- Coal- Frac Sand-... Read More

Webinar: Using Drone Data for Mine Planning

Rosalie Bartlett  / 

Tags: Mine Planning

David Lloyd, Mine Planning Engineer at APAC-Central (Oldcastle), will discuss how their company uses drone data for mine planning. David is responsible for Mine Planning, Reserve Exploration, Reserve Mapping, Site Surveying and Mapping for 20+ quarries across Arkansas, Oklahoma and Missouri. Questions can be submitted before (via and during the live webinar (via chat). There is no charge to attend the webinar.  To hear from David before... Read More

How Drone Technology Amplifies Adjusters

Rosalie Bartlett  / 

Tags: Adjuster

New technology is something companies might often approach with caution. Yet technology can elevate the role of employees and equip them with new skill sets. Such is the case with drone technology. When adjusting claims, insurers can use drone technology to drive profitability in one of the most unlikely places within the organization: in the claims adjustment department. Here’s how drone technology, like the industry-leading Kespry... Read More

How Drones are Creating a New Surveying Method

Rosalie Bartlett  / 

Tags: Surveying

For many companies involved in surveying operations, creating accurate surveys for mining, site infrastructure planning or other construction purposes means labor-intensive work requiring days. Using Kespry Drone 2s, tasks that once required significant time to complete can now be done in a fraction of the time they previously took. By providing the latest in automated drone technology, Kespry has created a new standardized method in surveying... Read More

How To Make Month-End a Breeze in Five Simple Steps

Carolyn Aker  / 

Tags: Inventory Management

Keeping track of inventory is hard. To make tangible improvements in keeping on target over time, a regular cadence for collecting and using drone data has to be established. On-time data collection is key and requires thoughtful planning about the logistics involved. Below are some questions to help you organize your flights and get the data you need. 1. When do you need the data? Check with... Read More